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Who all has ridden in the car, staring out the window in boredom, only to watch the not-quite-there beings to run besode you?

The Runalong (a wonderful name given to these creatures by the internet) was created with the invention of fast transportation. Almost anyone who has ridden as a passenger in any fast mode of transportation has thought up these beings running alongside the car in the expanses of the landscape beside the trail ahead.

But what if I told you they weren't imaginary?

These strange spirit-like beings form themselves in many ways. Some report them to be humanoid, some more like wolves or cheetahs. But one of the most common description is their silhouetted appearance, with a lack of defining features.

These creatures appear as one picks up speed, trailing just beside the vehicle, only to disappear once more when things have slowed down. But don't worry, they will appear again once things get moving.

So, what are they? There's a few theories:

One: Guiding spirits. Along for the amusement of a bored passerby, spirits take on forms most comfortable to the rider to entertain and guide them along the way. They protect the vehicle and the passengers inside, especially the ones watching them.

Two: Inter-dimensional beings. Transported frim one plane to this one by the way of kinetic energy, these beings use the energy built and released to travwl from one place to another faster, which may be why they fade out when you come to a stop.

Three: Rampant imagination. Let's be honest, a long car ride can get boring. Our minds sets ourselves up to try and enjoy little things along the way, and imagination is one thing we can take everywhere. Perhaps these creatures are just that. Imagination. However, it's nice to think even in our boredest of moments, we got ourselves a little magic.

No one knows exactly why these Runalongs are here, what their purpose is. Truth be told, we may never know. However, we can always appreciate the entertainment they bring along on a car ride, running beside us while we idly watch.


Do any of you have some awesome Runalong stories to share? Comment And share them with the amazing people of this website. I believe you'll find you aren't the only ones.

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