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This article contents provide information on Shikisen or Shikigami Divination. As well as a elaborated definition of shikigami as a spiritual entity.

Table of Contents

  • The Shikigami
  • Divination methods via the Shikigami

The Shikigami

The Shikigami is a familiar spirit created by a practitioner from personal energies or ki. These familiar spirits are created and born from the practicer energies as beings with similar or like minded thoughts or consciousness to the practicer subconscious mind or desires. A practitioner is able to adjust or absorb back into oneself their Shikigami. A Shikigami should be thought as a Servitor with the option of having its own agenda originating from your subconscious persona. Shikigami take the form of energies and their true form can be formulated through meditation, trance, or just writing down ideas before creating the servitor. Shikigami can be dangerous like any other intelligent servitor if mistreated or left unmanaged by the practitioner. Shikigami are usually in the form of energy, therefore they can take the prescribed form from the practitioner when channeled energy into its self with permission of the practitioner. The Shikigami powers come from their masters life force or personal energy. The magician may take back as much energy from the Shikigami as they wish, even the magician can take back aspects given to the Shikigami. For example a magician can take back energies that with hold memories, magical energies and tasks given, the list goes on. Shikigami can take any form that is given in spirituality or nature. That means the can take the form of human, animal, plant, landscape, or celestial hybrids.

Divination methods via the Shikigami

Some Shikigami if the magician well chooses can be created with the task of spiritual divination, such as spirits of hydromancy, pyromancy, cartomancy, pendulum divination and so on. When working with Shikigami it is best to establish a trust between it an d the magician. Be sure to cleanse the Shikigami as well for it channels energies for the magician like a tool in the occult. How do I know when my Shikigami is telling my something through divination? You will know from a certain familiar magical vibration or you may ask the spirit and it will answer yes or no. I want to get back to cleansing your Shikigami, because of the dangers and misfortune of it. Shikigami gain all their powers from us th practitioner and can not take more or less unless we allow them too. Shikigami have wills of their own and can become toxicant by negative energies, making them irritable or reluctant to obey commands or gestures. Shikigami are from you and me and are also partly like you and me. After cleansing and establishing trust with your Shikigami find a method that works for both of you, or a method you and your Shikigami vibe with. For example, my Shikigami likes Tarot cards and hydromancy in a particular china bowl I have. The object you choose to divine with doesn't have to be a artifact or from Japanese descent, because the Shikigami is wired partly like you. Once you have found yor divination item, give permission to the Shikigami to enter through possession the object used for divination. Feel the connection between you and you Shikigami before starting. You as a witch, magician, or practitioner are able to control and become one with your Shikigami do to your and its shared vibrations. Shikigami are commanded through the use of words, names, list or words, or name from any language. Use your commands written on a petition, spoken, or unspoken in your head to guide you shikigami to practice divination, After you are finished cleanse and thank your shikigami. allow your shikigami to exist the divination object. You may want to let you shikigami reside in your altar or spirit vessel, and if you have a great relationship maybe in your being.

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