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Information on beginning magic.

People like to divide magic up and label them as black magic and white magic, however, I like to divide it into stage like Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Magic and how you use them will determine if the magic is Black or White, as a beginner you might wanna ask yourself this what is black magic and what is white magic? people tend to say black magic is for evil and white magic is for good, is this your view too? love spells are considered as black magic so is binding spells because you are taking away someone's free will, however, money spells or good luck spells are considered as white magic. In truth, those spells are neither but it's based on your interpretation based on how you proceed good and evil and has a lot to do with your culture, faith, belief and your personal opinion.

John does a money spell as he wanted some extra cash his way, so a few weeks later he was involved in a car accident, he did receive the extra cash due to the accident, however, someone died. Good or Bad?

John did a luck spell to get picked for the job after the interview, there was a better applicant for the job, however, the employer picks John because magic messed with the employer free will, the magic made the employer think as if John was the best applicant. Good or Bad?

John cast a binding spell on Jack, Jack lives in the neighborhood who is rude and disrespectful towards his next door neighbor who is an elderly lady, this blinding is to stop Jack from coming near the elderly lady. Good or Bad?

At the end black magic and white magic are magic and magic is magic, in truth black magic can be used for good and white magic can be used for evil it's all down to your interpretation.

Our Mindset

In magic our mindset is important, we all come from a multitude of background, every culture has its own way of understanding magic and what magic is, our elder teach us what they know or what they were taught themselves as children, we always tend to believe in what we have been told because that is what we were taught as children and what we were taught at young age can be hard to change and this can affect us when learning magic because our understanding of magic comes from the misunderstanding of our ancestors and was past down for century and now there is a lot misconception on magic.

Nowadays we have access to the internet and many books are easily accessible in your language, therefore, you can access them and learn new stuff, so if you have misconception on the magical working, you can learn the truth easily but you must be able to accept the truth which may be different to what you were told by your elders, family or community.

Take for example; in my country, the United Kingdom we undertake Religious Education in school, now imagine an Atheist teacher teaching Religious Education to students, now the question is will the teacher show any passion in any religion? Now imagine the teacher is a Muslim, Christian or Hindu which religion will they show most passion for when they are talking about religion to the students? So to understand magic who will you ask? Someone practicing magic or someone who already have a negative view of magic?.

Key point is to take is that you are the master of your own mind and thoughts, you are in control and whatever you want to believe in as it's your choice, remember having control over your own mind is the key in the any magical working and you will be needing your willpower to make magic to work and you are the best teacher for yourself for learning new stuff.


Misconception in Magic

Meaning of magic varies with tradition and Cultures, a lot of people around the world still believe that if someone is practicing magic they are working with the devil, which isn't true. For centuries Witches got accused of devil worshipping (among other things) because they (witches) were practicing magic and it's important to note that many of the accused were not really a witch nor a practitioner of magic. Many still believe sacrifice is needed for magic to work and that's not true also, an act of slaughtering an animal or person or surrendering yourself to possession as an offering to a deity or demon is not required in casting spells or art of magic. Please note, a practicing practitioner of magic can work with any supernatural being (as long as the being is willing) or make a sacrifice if the practitioner decides to do so.

The general belief in devil worshiping comes from misunderstanding, in the past practitioner including Witches used drugs (Herbs and Oils) for hallucination purpose and those drugs weren't good for the human body and mind, therefore, most modern practitioner from the Western world don't use them hallucination drug and after continuous use of the hallucination drug made many practitioners mentally unstable which gave the impression of demonic possession.

What you need to know is that working with any form of supernatural being, such as but not limited to, Familiars, Demons, Jinns, Faes, Deity or Deities is one type of magic or advance magic but we as human being are powerful being with magical energy within us, within our body and once we learn how to connect with our energy we can use it in magical work such as casting spells to manifest into our desired outcome.



Magic in it natural form can be viewed as energy, example; a practitioner will use energy to manifest the desired outcome, a practitioner would meditate to relax the body and mind for better focusing so that a practitioner can visualize the desired goal, a practitioner will have a strong belief that the desired goal will come to be, a practitioner will then bring the personal energy together and using the belief with visualization to send out the personal energy into the universe, knowing that the energy will return to earth and manifest the way they visualized it. (this is a simple example).

This article titled Beginning Magic #1, I will add another article titled Beginning Magic #2.

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