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An account detailing my history with the spirit Minoson from the Grimoirum Verum

My experience with the spirit has only existed for a small while, but in that time he has shown himself to be very reliable and very generous. I conjured him in a respectful manner, though it was informal. I made a lament depicting has crest then i set it upon a charged circle and called upon him using my own pagan oriented conjuring. I felt his presence nearly immediately. I asked him (as his house rules) to assist me in winning any games that day, for which as a sign of respect i'd offer him some oils i felt were to his liking and some publicity (as you see I am a man of my word). That night I won multiple games in a really constant pattern. A friend of mine even came over later unexpectedly to play games, which is unlike him. We/I won a very many games that I am admittedly not good at.

To make it short; I very much respect and appreciate Minoson. He seems to be a spirit of his word, which is plentiful and kind. I sense no negativity from his presence. Only a powerful deity who enjoys games, which is very common among the old gods in almost every religion. Who can blame them? Games are fun and honorable. Anyway I hope you all may give Minoson a chance, but be respectful. He his powerful and kind, maybe offer him publicity and any such offerings too. I doubt you will be disappointed if he favors you!

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