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For the cleansing of a home or space. Cleansing is a method of banishing negative spirits, entities, thoughts, stagnant energies, etc.

What's needed

  • White candle
  • Olive or Rosemary oil
  • Smudging stick
  • Dragons blood incense
  • Fan & a feather
  • Matches/Lighter
  • Ashtray
  • Compass 
  • Salt

How to prepare

Do it at the right time, I recommend doing this ona Saturday since it is ruled by Saturn, which gives an extra boost to your cleanse, however you may do it at any other time.

Find the four corners by using the compass - north, south, east, west - before you get ready. Keep a window or the room's door open, if you have any mirrors cover them with a pink or black cloth. Mirrors are believed to be a doorway which entities may travel through and interfere with your workings. To block these I use a pink colored cloth because it's a friendly color and black because it's ideal for banishing.

Before you start, keep in mind that going counter-clockwise banishes while going clockwise blesses, for this one we will be doing it counter-clockwise. Make sure that you will not be disturbed or if someone is present, they should remain quiet and still, you must be focused.

After doing this ritual you might feel tired, it is ideal that you are well fed and have a place to rest, just in case.

Physical cleaning

Clean the space you are going to cleanse. Get rid of any dust or dirty items, a key for a spiritual cleanse is to have a physical space clean.

Starting the ritual

Begin by meditating on the reason that calls for a cleansing, now imagine an orb of light surrounding and protecting you, you might chant a personal phrase or psalm that soothes you

The first step to take is to use the olive oil to anoint the candle. Visualizing a wave of protection radiating from the candle, seeing in your minds eye the purity that will come from this candle.

Now add a small pinch of salt on to the anointed candle, so it will stick to the oil.

Next, combine the dragons blood and the smudge stick, so they become one. Light it over the ashtray so it doesn't fall on to the ground, creating a mess. 

As you repeat the next steps, keep using the chant of your choosing. Start in the center of the room using your fan to spread the smoke around you and the room, then move east as you repeat the chant.  Go back to the center of the room and move south, always repeating the chant you chose.

Repeat this step until you've got all the corners covered, move once again to the center of the room and sprinkle some salt on the door way before you walk to the next room. Repeat the process in each room of your choosing, walking with the smudging stick and ashtray - to make sure nothing falls on the ground - and repeating your chant. On the last room, sprinkle some salt before walking in. Then simple do the same until you are finished!

At this point you might feel tired or hungry/thirsty. So listen to your body and give it what it needs. You're done now, good job!

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