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This is not really a ritual but more like recipes for different powders

Angel Powder Blue talc. Lavender (peace and purification); sandalwood (protection and spirituality);angelica (protection and visions); orange peel (love); frankincense (protection and spirituality). Holy water or spring water for spraying. This powder brings forth the essence of the angels, protects from evil spirits, and overcomes curses. Sprinkle about the altar, the threshold of any portal, door, or window. Burn in a thurible for general good luck and waft about the room with a feather. Load into a candle for invoking love and spiritual aid. Use the powder with a pink candle to attract friendship. Use in conjunction with a silver candle for angelic messages. Best day to make: Sunday in the hours of the sun, moon, Venus or Mercury. Anger Powder Chili powder (protection and exorcism); black pepper (protection and exorcism); sulfur (exorcism); asafoetida (protection and exorcism). Sprinkle around room to overcome feelings of irritation and anger. Helps to avert future fights and will cleanse the mind of all evil thoughts. If you are uncomfortable about using sulfur, then substitute basil. This powder helps clear the head when you are experiencing negative emotions. You can substitute angelica for Asafoetida (as this herb smells horribly). I don't suggest burning this mixture in a thurible if you are using sulfur or asafoetida - both will smell awful for quite some time. The same for loading into a candle. Should you wish to load a candle, choose the basil and angelica for the mixture. Best day to make: Saturday in the hour of Saturn. Atlantic City Powder Red or green talc. Patchouli (money); lemon peel (longevity); jasmine (money. Use to banish a streak of even the worst luck. Sprinkle on your chair before you sit down to play games of chance. Added to an oil base, the mixture is very good for anointing talismans, seals, conjuring bags, playing cards, and so on. Best day to make: Sunday in the hour of Jupiter or Thursday in the hour of the sun. Banishing Incense or Powder Black talc. Bay leaves (protection and strenght); cinnamon (power); red wine ( strength); rose petals (protection); myrrh (protection); mint (protection); salt (protection). Allow mixture to fully dry before using. Sprinkle to eliminate all bad spirit forces. Should be burned in a thurible at your shrine or altar during magical applications or during circle. Also used for Uncrossing. Best day to make: Saturday in the hour of Saturn. (Uncrossing: When a situation is adverse, then the circumstances are considered "crossed." Remember, however, that what got crossed over a period of time isn't going to get uncrossed right away. Early American witches used to say, "You didn't get sick in a day, so you're not going to get well in a day." Use magical applications that build or link together when working with severely crossed energies.) Beneficial Dream Incense or Powder Blue or purple talc. Bergamot (overall success); lemon (purification); frankincense (spirituality); orris (divination); thyme (psychic dreams). Burn to make all dreams come true, especially those helpful to the dreamer. Also helps in clairvoyance. Rub powder on the forehead and sprinkle under the bed for ultimate effectiveness. Best day to make: Monday in the hour of the moon or Sunday int he hour of the sun. Blended Trust Powder Orange talc. Powdered nutmeg (fidelity); orris (love); rose (love); patchouli (lust); basil (to put in sympathy). A special blend used only to create an atmosphere of trust and understanding. Best day to make: Friday in the hour of Venus Commanding/Controlling/Compelling Powder Brown talc. Allspice (healing); orris (protection and divination); patchouli (lust); cinnamon (power); sandalwood (wishes); clove (exorcism). Use when working with rune wights, elementals, or earth spirits. Good for sprinkling in the path of stalkers, abusers, or general evil. Load into black candles to keep attackers at bay. Best day to make: Tuesday in the hour of Mars. Concentration Silver talc. Mastic (psychic powers and manifestation); cinnamon (power); myrrh (spirituality). Anoint forehead with small amount to aid in solving a problem. Clears the mind, inspires sudden insights into a problem. Sprinkle on divination tool or load into your meditation candle. Best day to make: Monday in the hour of the moon. Confusion Black talc. vetiver (curse-breaking and anti-theft); lavender (protection); Galangal (protection and curse-breaking). A burnt knotted shoelace. Confuses those who are trying to cast a spell on you. Breaks all forms of curses. Acts almost instantaneously. Works better when a curse is new, but good idea to keep some on hand for emergencies. Best day to make: Saturday in the hour of Mars or Saturn. Courage Powder Blue talc. Blue bottle. Vanilla (mental powers); rose (protection and psychic powers); lilac (protection); lavender (protection). Used to give great amounts of courage to those who are fearful or timid. With an oil base, used to annoint purple candles and wear the oil when confronting frightening or dangerous situations. Best day to make: Sunday int he hour of Mars. Double Fast Luck Incense, Powder, Floor Wash Green talc (do not put talc in floor wash). Patchouli (money); rose (luck); juniper berries (anti-theft). A ground-up dollar bill. Sprinkle at your business, on the doorway into your home, around any home business furniture, or in your wallet, purse or pocket to increase luck and success. Load into candles or put in conjuring bags for money magic. Best day to make: Thursday in the hour of Jupiter. Dove's Heart Incense and Powder Pink talc. Lavender ( love and happiness); rose (love); wisteria (love); lilac (protection). Will calm restless souls and solve all problems of the heart. Soothes love feelings. A good spell link for individuals who are trying to kick a habit, change mental patterns, or who are under psychiatric care. Burn in a thrurible to cleanse an area after a fight. Load into candles when you are working for someone's mental health or for an individual who is dealing with the cycle of grief. Best day to make: Friday in the hour of Venus. Drawing Powder Blue talc. Jasmine (money); violet (luck & wishes); lavender (happiness). Rub on your hands and sprinkle around the altar before calling the spirits. Helps attract good luck and assistance in important matters. Assists in quieting the nerves as well. Best day to make: Thursday in the hour of the sun. Easy Street Green and gold talc. Allspice(protection); cinquefoil (money); clove (money); dill (money); ginger (money. Cut-up pieces of a dollar bill. Rub on hands, sprinkle around business and home, and place in purse or wallet to draw monetary abundance. Best day to make: Thursday in the hour of Jupiter. Easy Wrath Powder Blue talc. Ashes; red pepper (curse-breaking); rose (luck and protection); jasmine (love); sandalwood (protection and exorcism); salt (banishing). Toss on or near any person who is angry over something you have done to eliminate all feelings of animosity. Also good for overcoming hatred. Write the person's name who is angry with you (or your family member) on a piece of paper. Sprinkle powder on the paper, roll into a tight cylinder, and put in a plastic bag. Put in the freezer. Best day to make: Saturn in the hour of Mars or Saturn. Envy and Jealousy Powder Blue talc. Bayberry (divine love); vetiver (curse-breaking); sassafras (health); yarrow (courage and exorcism). Eases feelings of jealousy when placed on the door of anyone you wish to gain confidence of. Use sparingly. Load in candles to break a pattern of envy and jealousy. Best day to make: Friday in the hour of Venus. Eliminate Money Stress Powder Purple talc. Vanilla (mental powers); peppermint (purification); cinnamon (spirituality); patchouli (money). Rub on the body to attract love and gambling luck. Make a floor wash to sprinkle about the house to remove bad influences hindering success. Best day to make: Thursday in the hour of the sun, Mars or Jupiter. Fates Powder Black and gold talc. Black pepper (protection); dragon's blood (power); rosemary (protection); patchouli (spirituality). This is an uncrossing powder to be used to overcome the power of a strong ouanga or curse. Said to be a very dependable powder that works quickly. Best day to make: Saturday in the hour of Saturn. Fiery Passion Red and gold talc. Patchouli (lust); Mandrake (lust); musk (lust). Increases your sexuality. Sprinkle under bed or in a pocket of your clothing. Best day to make: Friday in the hour of Venus. Flying Without A Broom Blue or purple talc. Lemon peel (purification); frankincense (protection); myrrh (protection). Sprinkle under bed before you attempt astral travel, to aid in travel during your dream cycle, or to assist in deep meditation. Best day to make: Monday in the hour of the moon. Four Thieves Vinegar High John (success); vetiver (breaking curses); Adam and Eve (love); Lo-John (success); or black pepper base (curse-breaking); red wine vinegar (curse breaking). A very popular mixture that has seen many, many cycles of the seasons in folk magic. Allegedly, this blend drives enemies from your door. Best day to make: Saturday in the hour of Saturn or Mars. French Creole Powder Purple and silver talc. Lilac (protection); musk (power); bay (psychic power); lime (protection). A special powder designed to make your dreams come true. Helps to interpret dreams prophetically. Make into a dream sachet to put under you pillow before sleeping. Best day to make: Sunday in the hour of the moon. Friendship Powder I Red talc. Myrrh (healing and spirituality); rose (love); lilac (protection). Attracts many new friends,. Used in glamories to help you appear appealing to others. Very good for potential lovers. Use in love charms or conjuring bags. Load in candles before you go to a new school, new job, or other new encounter. Best day to make: Friday in the hour of Venus. Friendship Powder II Red talc. Footprint in dirt; patchouli leaves (fertility); cinnamon (love and success). Increases magnetism. Pulls others to you and facilitates friendships to develop. Sprinkle around home, business, or in your locker at school. Best day to make: Friday in the hour of Venus. Good Business Powder Green talc. Frankincense (exorcism and protection); tonka beans (money and wishes). Burn in a thurible whenever business is bad. Said to bring luck and financial gain. Helps business and luck. Best day to make: Thursday in the hour of the sun or Jupiter. Great Rite Powder Blue talc. Sandalwood (Wishes); sage (wishes); rose (love); orange peel (love); jasmine (love). Burn or scatter in room where lovers are to meet, to please the good spirits and to increase sexual awareness. Wonderful for lovers and the Great Rite ceremony. Best day to make: Friday in the hour of Venus. Health Powder Green and Blue talc. Rose (love); carnation (healing); citron (healing); gardenia (healing). Used to anoint candles, talismans, or anything pertinent to healing rituals. Best day to make: Sunday in the hour of the sun. Hecates Powder Black talc. Iron fillings or tiny nails; nightshade (protection); pinch of black horsehair or black cat hair. Protects you from all bad spells. Sprinkle on the altar before conducting Z. Budapest's "Send Him A Nightmare" spell. Also place a little on the floor. Excellent for use against stalkers, abusers and criminals. Best day to make: Saturday in the hour of Saturn. Herb Powder Green talc. Basil (sympathy); oregano (protection); sage (longevity);thyme (healing); lemon (longevity). Brings good luck in gambling and will increase the memory of anyone who burns it. Also commonly used as a health powder. Use in poppets or hollow out a small portion of a potato, pour in the powder, place a slip of paper with he sick person's name, close the potato back up, and bury in the yard, saying: 'As this potato rots, the disease will leave.' Best day to make: if used for banishing, Saturday in the hour of Saturn. If made for healing, Sunday in the hour of the sun. High Conquering Green and red talc. High John (money, love success, and happiness);vetiver (love, luck and curse breaking); bergamot (money). A very powerful means of attracting wealth, prestige, honor, love and health. Use generously for desired change. Fast action mixture. One of the best oils or powders for good works. Best day to make: Thursday in the hour of Jupiter. Job Protection Powder Red talc. Musk (power); chili powder (strength); tobacco (protection); pulverized newsprint. Sprinkle around the Boss' office at work and around your own area on the job. Forces your supervisor to leave you alone. Stops harassment. Also to be used in private life to cause one to receive kindness and consideration. Best day to make: Thursday in the hour of Jupiter. Jungle Powder Red and gold talc. Cinnamon (success); Hi-John (protection); white sandalwood ( protection). Used to avert curses. Use sparingly. Load in candles to banish stalkers and avert negativity. Not for novices. Best day to make: Tuesday in the hour of Mars. Ladies' Enchantment Purple talc. Vanilla (love and mental agility); rose (love); jasmine (money); piece of coral; gold glitter. A favorite among ladies to increase and ensure financial gain. Best day to make: Monday in the hour of the Moon. Legal Assistance Powder Black talc. Hi-John (protection); Lo-John (protection); clove (protection);sage (protection and wisdom);rosemary (protection); pipe tobacco (purification). Very powerful in spell working to burn in thurible along with a black candle and salt. Sprinkle in your shoes before a court appearance. Use only to win court cases and to overcome legal entanglements. Best day to make: Tuesday in the hour of Mars. Magnetism Powder Blue talc. Sixteen parts wood base, 8 parts frankincense (protection);4 parts sandalwood (wishes); 2 parts myrrh (healing); 4 parts cinnamon (power and success); 2 parts orris root. Highly magnetic blend used to draw good spirits. Attracts love, power, luck, love and money. Use before an important contract signing, interview, when buying a car, etc. Excellent for loading into success spell candles. Best day to make: Sunday in the hour of the Sun. Meditation Powder Purple talc. Lavender (peace); cinnamon (spirituality). Aids in developing concentration and creativity. Always use when preparing to meditate. Burn in thurible int he room before you meditate. Sprinkle in your meditation chair. Best day to make: Monday in the hour of the Moon or Venus. Money/Success Powder Silver talc. Patchouli (money and fertility); cinnamon (success); vervain (money). A good loading powder said to magnetize the candle. Added to an oil, use mixture to bless candles before a ceremony. Added to holy water and alcohol, use the mixture to wipe down an altar room. Sprinkle in your wallet. Best day to make: Thursday in the hour of Jupiter. Pow-Wow Gretchyn Rose; gardenia; large open safety pin; smaller safety pins; glass beads (optional). Another popular blend. Added to a base oil, wonderful mixture to bring luck and good fortune to believers. Sprinkle powder liberally when feeling depressed. Mix safety pins and beads in powder. String small safety pins and beads on larger safety pin. Wear on your left shoulder to deflect harmful energies. Best day to make: Saturday in the hour of Saturn. Protective Wall Powder Black talc. Dragon's blood (protection); frankincense (protection); myrrh (protection); salt (protection). Helps to protect the user against any magical attack or unexpected rebound. Restrains anyone from placing an evil curse on you. Sprinkle around a room to help ward of curses. Place by all windows and doors. Load into candles to use in protection spells. Load in a white candle and place outside of your house to keep people off your property. Best day to make: Saturday in the hour of Saturn. Psychic Awareness Powder Silver or purple talc. Honeysuckle (psychic power); rose (psychic power); geranium (protection). Helps to increase your natural clairvoyance. Some say that the use of this powder helps to open communication between yourself and Spirit, allowing positive vibrations to work with you. Sprinkle under your bed, put in a sachet under your pillow, or burn in a thurible in your bedroom before you go to sleep or before you employ a divination tool. Sprinkle in the box or bag where you keep your divination tools. Place on your chair before reading for clients. Best day to make: Monday in the hour of the Moon. Psychic Dream Powder Light blue talc. Musk (power); orris (divination); ambergris (psychic power); peppermint (psychic power); lavender (sleep). Increases psychic powers and helps you to recall dreams in their entirety. Works very well in a loaded candle. Also, a pleasant side line: Exposes deceitful people who are working against you. Best day to make: Monday in the hour of the Moon. Return To Sender Powder Yellow talc. Rose (protection); frankincense (protection); vetiver (curse-breaking); honeysuckle (protection); angelica (curse-breaking); thistle (curse-breaking). Used to break hexes or to order evil spirits to return to their sender. Load into candles when performing magic to catch criminals. to stop abuse, or return negative energies sent to you. Best day to make: Saturday in the hour of Saturn. Sacred Ashes Silver talc. White parchment paper; cinnamon; sandalwood; African Violet (all for spirituality). Burn the white parchment paper in a bowl. Crush the ashes. Add the herbs. Mix well. Store in an airtight container. Use to anoint before a funereal, at Samhain, or on Ash Wednesday. Best day to make: Sunday in the hour of the Moon. Stalker Powder Black talc. Asafoetida (exorcism); chili powder (exorcism); nettle (to move away); mistletoe (hunting and exorcism);nightshade (exorcism); and a pinch of sulfur. Sprinkle in the path of anyone you wish to stop bothering you. Also place on your window ledges and front doorstep. Turns people away on contact with the air. Best day to make: Saturday in the hour of Saturn. Sweet Marriage Powder Yellow talc. Vanilla (love); wintergreen (healing, curse-breaking); vetiver (love, anti-theft, curse-breaking); narcissus (love); myrtle (love); basil (in sympathy); whit sugar (harmony). Brings harmony to a stormy marriage. Sprinkle under the bed or in any room where arguments take place often. Burn in a thurible in the bedroom at night when retiring. Gives peace of mind. Add to an oil to anoint white candles. Best day to make: Friday in the our of the sun or Venus. Sweet Spirit Powder Purple talc. Cinnamon; tonka bean; patchouli; vanilla; lavender; gardenia; vetiver. Designed to attract all good spirits to its user and assits in bringing forth psychic power. Use both on body (by adding a small amount of oil) and on altar. Add to incense to burn, as is, in a thurible to cleanse a room. Mix with holy water or oil to anoint candles. Place in a sachet and put among your ritual clothing. Best day to make: Sunday in the hour of the Moon, Monday in the hour of the Moon, or Wednesday in the hour of the Moon. Success Powder Gold talc. Orris root (protection, success and drawing power); frankincense (luck); vetiver (luck and money); sandalwood (wishes); gag root (career success); gold glitter. Helps push aside those who hinder your rise upward to success. Stops gossip and evil talk. Load into a candle when casting a spell for a raise, better employment, or a better employment atmosphere. Works well in money spells. Best day to make: Thursday in the hour of Jupiter. Spiritual Strength Powder 1 quartz crystal 1⁄2 tsp nutmeg powder 1⁄2 tsp frankincense incense 1⁄2 tsp Orris root powder 1 dash saltpeter 1 tsp sandal wood incense 2 tsp birch bark Use a red cloth bag, fill it with all the ingredients. Tie it up and keep it in your pocket or in your handbag. Pour some out and burn it when you feel the need to. You can also burn a white candle anointed with oils when the powder is being burnt. Add money the piggy bank to support the Witch's Library

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