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This meditation is a very old one that has been practiced for centuries. It simply helps you find peace and be content.

Since this meditation is in text form, record yourself reading this out loud in a quiet, serene place. Make sure you use a kind, gentle, and calm voice. Lay on your back with your arms by your side, and your legs straight. Now slowly and gently breathe in, and out, until you are calm. Clear your mind as you breathe, focusing on the rhythm of your breath and the blankness of your thoughts. Imagine you are no longer laying, you are floating just above the floor. As you float, you see the building and the world fade into blackness, but you are happy. As all the distractions fall away, you look at your feet, and your toes begin to glow. They glow a bright, comforting, white light. The light is cleaning you, taking you back to your happiest, most perfect moments. Now the light moves up to your knees, and stays there for a moment. Breathe in, and out, as the light moves up to your hips it slows, taking more time to clean through your hips, and your belly, and now your chest. As it reaches your heart, it turns red, and continues to remove all negativity. As it slowly fades back to white, it splits into two, smaller balls of light. They move down your arms, slowly cleaning out the hate and negativity. Feel them as they go down your arms, to your wrist, through the palms of your hands, and out your fingertips. Now that they are out, let them back in. As they glide up your arms with ease, you realize that you are comfortable with who you are and the ways the world works. Now, the two balls of light meet at the center of your chest, and they combine again, forming that familiar big ball. Now the ball moves up to your neck, and into your head, where it lingers for a few moments. As it cleans, you feel the negativity being lifted away. The longer it stays in your head, the larger it becomes. Now let it leave through the top of your head, and watch it float up to the sun, where it will become a distant part of the universe, gone, but not forgotten.

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