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Cogicity- What is, what isn't.

COGICITY is mental infinity. What you think is, it is. For you. If you think water renders you immortal, it does. For you. Until you realize it doesn't. Then, your beliefs change.

RELIGIONS are a community of people with the same Cogicity. Sometimes, those groups of people clash, change, win, and loose. It all depends on what happens to the thoughts of the people in the religion.

FALSEHOOD is a simple step to expanding you knowledge- Whether it be personal or public. They are like mistakes. Then, after the mistake, you change. Some thoughts turn to waste, and new ones take charge. It is all part of your beliefs.

EVERY SINGLE THING YOU DO affects the spread of your thoughts; your Cogicity. If someone tells you a story, and you believe it, that knowledge is now part of you. If you try to shake it off, let go of the knowledge, it is your fault. Believe it or not, even your absence will give everyone part of your Cogicity.

IF you read the following slowly, you might start thinking. Then, if you are Atheist, if you are moved by knowledge, if you were asked your religion, answer: " Credo in cogitationes. That's Latin for my ever changing instance. ".

Read the following slowly:

I know






Continue Where You Gave Up

- Weekly Wisdom (Attempt)

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