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Hello witches, Ravensky here and welcome back to my first information series, Kinesis abilities! This episode is about Lunarkinesis.

Chapter 1: Introduction

-What is Lunarkinesis?-

Lunarkinesis is the kinetic ability to control negative energy. It is also the ability to control negative emotions or cause them in other people.

-The word "Lunar"-

Lunar comes from the Latin word "Luna", meaning Moon.

The Roman goddess of the moon is called Luna (Selene in Greek mythology).

There are Lunar eclipses, a Lunar calendar, Lunar tides, and Lunar orbits.

Maybe you want to be the first live-in chef on a lunar space station. You can also hear lunar in the word "Lunatic" ? They used to think insanity was related to the cycles of the Moon.

(I don't know when people started calling lunar negative but if you look it up the Latin origin, it relates to the moon, not negativity. I would think umbra, the darkest part of a shadow, would be more closely related to negativity.)

-Lunarkinesis VS Umbrakinesis-

Lunarkinesis is the ability to control negative emotions or cause them in other people. Umbrakinesis is the ability to control shadows, cause shadows, and get rid of shadows.

They are completely diffrent, so make sure not to be confused!


Lunar[ loo-ner ]


1. of or pertaining to the moon: the lunar orbit.

2. measured by the moon's revolutions: a lunar month.

3. resembling the moon; round or crescent-shaped.

Chapter 2: Training For Beginners

-Negative Aura/Energy-

First you can sit or just do it while you're standing,and then think about your deepest fear.

Feel your deepest anger,all things that make you scared,angry,despaired.

Now visuallize all of that becoming a black orb surrounding you, and then feel the flow of your energy and aura becoming one with the black orb.

-Shadow Talk-

This technique is used to make people scared or making them despaired when facing you.

First summon negative aura and then try to talk with someone but visuallize a black orb from your negative aura are sended to their brain.

-Dark Drain-

This technique is used to absorb the life energy of someone.

First find a person and then grab him/her hand or their body with your hand and then visuallize there was a dark root coming from your hand to their body that absorb all the life energy on their body,after you use this you will feel refreshed and the one you have drained will feel dizzy.

*If you use it with psychic vampires they will lose all their power*

Note: When you use Lunarkinesis keep your emotions normal because when you're

angry or something can cause a really bad damage on your body and your soul.

Chapter 3: Training For Advanced

-Soul Impact-

This technique is used to store and release the pain you feel like you're being bullied.

First just endure the pain you feel. After your body can't take anymore pain, now just visualize there's a dark ball surrounding you after that just scream and visualize the pain you store in your body released and stored to the dark ball and exploded making them feel the pain you feel.

-Sword of Despair-

First make two medium negative balls on your hand after that meld the negative ball into a dark sword,after that charge the sword with negative energy for about 2 minutes,after that you can use your hand to command the sword to attack an object or anything you like,when someone or something are attacked by this sword visualize the sword drained their energy like psi,ki,or chi,

and then giving it to you

*The more negative energy you use to charge the sword, the more powerful it is*

-Dark Bomb (aka:Grudge Settler)-

Convert all your energy into negative energy. If you are out of energy, use either the Negative aura/energy technique or the Dark Drain technique. Shift the negative energy to your hands and raise them above your head. Create a large Negative Ball using the negative energy. Don't stop increasing the ball's size until it is very heavy. Picture it as a bomb. This will make it unstable. Hurl the ball at a target or at the ground. There will be an explosion of negative energy, hurting you and all others in the blast radius.

*This technique is extremely dangerous and powerful. Use it as a last resort*

Final Note: If you use Lunarkinesis and it occurs injuries, I don't care and I will not be responsive for anything that occured. It is your own carelessness.

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