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The function of Angels is to provide us with our spiritual and emotional needs. Basically speaking, they take care of us. Angels work primarily on the emotional plane, but once we're open to them, we can feel their presence around us all the time.

There are many wonderful and beautiful done books and websites that list Angels by name and tell their specialty. These books can be found on the Suggested Reading page. It was not my intention to create a website with "lists" of Angels from these books. I don't want to lead people to believe that if they can't remember the name of an Angel that specializes in a particular area, then they can't ask for help. You can call out to any Angel for assistance and one will come. It's through communication and contact that you may discover what your Angels are better at. An Angel that may "specialize" in something for me, won't necessarily be the Angel that would work best for you. It's through communication and contact with your Angels that you find the one that works best for you in any given situation

What do Angels look like?

Angels are neither male nor female, but they are often referred to as he or she. They do not have a human form because they are made up of energy, love and light. But Angels will project themselves to us in a manner we are most comfortable with which means we often see them as human. If they have a message to give us, they may even come to us in the form of a departed loved one, so as not to scare us. Other ways Angels appear to us is through lights, colors, sounds, feelings, and scents.

Do we pray to Angels?

Angels do not want to be worshipped, they do not want us to pray to them as we pray to the God we worship, but we can't expect guidance from them unless we ask for it. God has given all of us free will and Angels are not permitted to interfere with that unless specifically being asked (unless there is an emergency and a possibility of our dying before our time). To contact Angels, all you need to do is talk. It's as simple as that, just as you would to a friend. There is nothing you can't discuss with Angels. They see everything, so you're able to discuss anything with them. Nothing is too small or trivial for Angels, they're here to guide and help you and it makes them happy when you think of them.

How do I contact my Angels?

It is very simple to contact your Angels. All you need to do is call them. Many people choose to construct an altar, meditate, light candles, burn incense... there's as many ways to contact Angels, as there are people. It's all personal preference. Even though these techniques may set the stage, make you more comfortable and make the Angels feel welcomed, this is not necessary. All you need to do is call out to them. It doesn't have to be in words, all it needs to be is a thought "Angel, I need your help." They always come. If you open yourself up to their energy, you will feel their presence.

Once you feel your Angels, ask them questions. Let your mind go blank and allow anything to flow, don't try to make it happen. You may want to keep a journal and write down anything that comes to mind. There are many ways to communicate with your Angels, no one way is better than the other. It depends on what is comfortable for you. Some people meditate, while others choose to communicate through dreams. Some people actually hear the Angels talking to them, while others "feel" what the Angels are saying. Experiment and find what works best for you.

You'll soon be able to identify your Angels by the way they "feel". Each Angel has a different energy, just like humans. You may be able to feel their size or color, you may be able to tell how they smell, or how they sound. Again, no one way is better than the other, it's how the Angels choose to communicate with you and what's easiest for you to comprehend.

With time you'll know which Angel is helping you and from there you'll know what your individual Angels "specialize" in. This was the way I realized my Angel Magda was good at finding lost objects. Every time I turned to my Angels for assistance to help me find things, I came to realize it was Magda who always helped. Now, if I'm looking for something, I simply say "Magda, can you help me find..." It's not necessary, but it makes the communications a little more personal.

What are Fallen Angels?

Fallen Angels are those Angels who rebelled against God and have "fallen" from grace and the presence of God. There are many theories as to how these Angels fell from grace, but there is nothing written as to why this happened, except for a brief passage in Genesis 6, where the sons of God (Angels) "saw the daughter of men... and took them wives". But this explanation was dismissed when it was determined that Angels were androgynous, being neither distinctly male nor female.

The chief of the fallen Angels was Satan, one of God's highest Angels. He led a revolt against God and was banished from heaven, along with his followers which is said to be a third of all the Angels. Satan was driven from Heaven by the Archangel Michael and the Angels of light, and cast into hell. Other names given Satan have been Prince of Darkness, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Devil, Samael, Mastema, Beliel Duma, Azazel, Mephistopheles, and Iblis.

How to construct an Angel altar.

Angel altars are not necessary and they're not used to pray to Angels, they give you a designated space that is set aside only for you and your Angels. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate, it can be a book shelf or a small table in a corner of the room. But you want it to be somewhere you are comfortable. Where you're able to relax, meditate and speak to your Angels. No one can tell you exactly what to put on your altar. Put things that mean something to you, something that reminds you of your Angels. A pretty table cloth or place mat, stones, candles, incense, figurines of Angels, flowers, an Angel journal, a feather, a tabletop waterfall. Anything that feels good to you in that place is what should be there.

Once you have your altar all together, dedicate it as an Angel altar. Do not lay keys on it or allow it to get cluttered. Be respectful of your space. Call Angels to your altar and always make it a welcoming place for them.

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