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Crafting your magical name!

Craft Names

What is a craft name? 

A definition from Wikipedia- A Craft name, also known as a magical  name is a secondary religious name often adopted by practitioners of Wicca and other forms of Neo-pagan witchcraft. Craft names may be adopted as a means of protecting one's privacy (especially for those who are "in the broom closet"), as an expression of religious devotion, or as a part of an initiation ritual. The idea of using an alternate name as an attempt to develop a different persona is not restricted to Neo-pagans: Samuel Clemens' adoption of the name Mark Twain has been described as the adoption of a magical name. Before the emergence of Neo-paganism similar pseudonyms appear to have been used by writers of grimoires such as The Book of Abramelin, attributed to the Rabbi Yaakov Moelin.

In traditional forms of Wicca, such as Gardnerian or Alexandrian, Craft names are typically adopted primarily out of regard for their symbolism. Craft names may be carefully guarded and used only with members of one's own coven. Some Wiccans will use two different Craft names, one with the general public (or the Neo-pagan community) and one with their coven mates. Wiccans who choose to conceal their religion to avoid religious discrimination may use a craft name when speaking to the press. The use of Craft names as online handles for Neo-paganism- or Wicca-related groups and discussions has become increasingly common.The use (or over-use) of "outer court" Craft names (to be used outside of initiates-only or "inner-court"settings) is the subject of some debate. Some treat the choosing of a name as a solemn and significant event while others regard the practice as an affectation to be ridiculed.

So how do you find a craft name for yourself if you aren't in a coven and a name isn't given to you?

Your Craft name should be something you would like to name yourself. It should describe who you are. Remember you have to go with what feels right. Do not rule out other languages either.

Here's a little worksheet I found on the net-

This is a really good way to get a good feel for what you should be asking yourself when you choose a craft name

1. Do you have a favorite name that you have liked for a very long time or have always wished it was you real name and why
do you like this name?

2. If you follow a particular tradition or path,what are some of the names of the God/desses associated with that tradition
that you are drawn to, honor, or enjoy speaking with?

3. What are your favorite colors and what do these colors make you think of?

4. What kind of plants do you like and why? (This can include any kind of herbs, flowers, trees, shrubs, etc.)

5. What kind of magickal things do you like and why?

6. What plants, colors, creatures, stones are associated with these magickal properties?

7. Where are your favorite places to be in Nature and why?

8. What is your favorite element (Earth, Air,Fire, Water) and why?

9. What is your favorite animal or creature and why is it your favorite?

10. What is your favorite season and why?

11. What is your favorite month and why?

12. For each of the four seasons (Spring,Summer, Autumn, Winter) what is your favorite plant, place to be, and animal?

13. What favorite interests and hobbies do you have?

14. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Now for those of you who are wondering where Lady SilverVixen came from, I'll let you in on that. Firstly, Lady wasn't
tacked on until after I turned 18 by very dear and close friends of the very small coven that I run off site. Secondly, Silver is the color I feel most empowered by. I also have a general distaste for the color gold, and am always wearing
a piece of jewelry that is of a silver color, whether it is pewter or actual silver. Lastly, Vixen. As you know, Vixen is a female fox, one who is cunning, witty, and always seeking out knowledge from her surroundings. She can be nurturing or vicious, and never lets harm come to her family. The Vixen part was given to me by a few close friends I started studying with, one of them told me that though there was a wolf with me, the Vixen was my primary animal. Between my natural fascination with foxes and the fact that their symbolism can be very empowering, I took the craft name SilverVixen and have been known as such ever since.

So guys, when you are pondering your craft name ,if you so choose to, go with what means something personal to you. Your own
inner symbolism. Look within yourself to find the answers you need, and if you can't find them there, seek them out in nature.


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