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These are my beliefs on the universal Laws of Creation. I might have missed a few so bare with me.

LAW OF DIVINE ONENESS - We are all connected in this one reality like links on a chain, through one you can influence the other. What you do to one you do to all/

LAW OF ATTRACTION - We attract what we are thinking, our thoughts attract like magnets. Good attracts good, bad attracts bad. Likes attract, negatives repel. Be like that which you wish to attract to get it.

LAW OF ALLOWING - You allow what ever is going on in your life to exist, whether its a thought or action, person, place, or thing you allow it to be.

LAW OF CONTAGION - When two or more things come into contact they become connected and act alike, such as twins, it becomes contagious like a laugh or yawn and are linked to each other.

LAW OF DELIBERATE CREATION - We create our reality deliberately or through belief knowing its real. If you perceive it as real it becomes real, and exist. This is the rule; if you perceive it as real, it is real regardless of what you believe.

LAW OF ACTION AND REACTION - Every action has consequences, positive or negative, based on our actions or the actions of others.

LAW OF CORRESPONDENCES - Everything corresponds automatically as within so without, as above so below. Colors and shapes are like for like, green is love, red is pain, death is black, etc.

LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT - KARMA. No bad deed goes unpunished, no good deed goes unrewarded. We set it in motion. Everything has a cause and effect. If you cause something, it effects you mentally, physically. or spiritually on those three levels but also what others cause, a bad thought, can cause you health problems. Spiritual is for the physical and mental is cause for the physical, etc.

LAW OF VIBRATION - Everything is vibrating, it is all in motion with energy. Nothing truly rest. One can raise their vibrations to attract high vibrations that are on a higher frequency. Love is stronger than hate which vibrates at a lower frequency. We attune to our higher self and power through good feelings of love, joy, and happiness and others feel it, too. Strong overpowers the weak.

LAW OF TRANSMUTATION OF ENERGY - Energy such as a thought will eventually appear in physical form. It means all spells manifest if you allow it to, that's what energy does. It creates stronger emotion and thought that overpowers the weaker. Everything is moving to creation.

LAW OF RHYTHM - The rhythm of life, the tide goes out and it comes back. There is a time for everything. The cycles of creation, our destiny is written in the stars and the waves may carry everything out but they bring everything back to us.

LAW OF POLARITY - Everything has poles like a magnet, like attracts like negatives repel, positives attract.

LAW OF GENDER - Yin and Yang create life and everything is masculine and feminine and together they create like for like, they sprout and grow, and mate to reproduce.

LAW OF RELATIVITY - Everything is relative in size, shape, color. It is not the size that counts, its how you use it all is equal.

I hope this helped. Blessed Be

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