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A basic lesson on Kundalini.

What is Kundalini?

This is a basic lesson on Kundalini that will help our new members understand their energy system a little more. Kundalini is the energy that exists within our bodies, everyone posesses this energy it's if you choose to awaken it or not and can be a dormant energy within most people, although it can be awakened by accident. In Hindu mythology Kundalini is a serpant goddess who lies at the base of the spine, coiled around three and a half times at the back of the base root chakra (sacrum) the name given to her is Kundalini Shakti.The living goddess whom enlivens all things divine Shakti energy and the energizing potential of life.

The concept of this comes from Yogic philosophy and ancient India and is sometimes regarded as a sort of deity by Yogis. The Caduceus symbol of the coiled snake is the ancient representation of Kundalini physiology. In western understandings it is regarded with religous practices that induce an altered state of conciousness. Yogic phenomenology states it is associated with the apperance of bio-energetic phenomena, and is said to be experienced somathically by the yogi this appearance being referred to as pranic awakening.

When one awakens the kundalini energy it begins in a snake like fashion coiling up your chakras and releasing stored energy and blockages within them, this may sometimes feel intense and painful,this energy help one reach a higher mental state. It is the condensed primal force once awakened it creates a vertical connection between our chakras, thus opening the channels known as Nadi(meaning the central colum/channel that moves up ones spine(sushumna). Kundalini is seen as the chakras connection with each other, helping enchance the spinning of each chakra be this above or below of each other.

The first two basic forms of energy are the base root chakra(earth connection) and the crown chakra (higher self) spiritual gateway.These chakras connect to our other chakras by stems . Kundalini energy enters through ones base root chakra and runs up through our stems energy centers/channel and is released out through ones crown, our chakras essential energy is provided by these stems.this being the Sushumna is on the same wave-length/channel/vibrations/frequency which ones energy is stimulated.

When one stimulates the Kundalini it's energy is vibrated /converted to each of our other different chakra frequences , the lowest being the base root chakra the highest being the crown. This being percieved by oneself as thought, emoyions and sensations conveyed to our subtle body and then to the physical. There are lots of different ways to raise ones kundalini energy,meditation, yogi, and tantric yogi ect.

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