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An article on dreams and dreamscaping.

Dreams: The Basics

Dreams are a series of images, sounds and feelings occurring in the mind during sleep, accompanied with rapid eye movement. Dreams typically last in the range of 5 to 45 minutes. Dreams can link to actual sensations,such as: Taste, smell, and sensation. If one could control there dreams then one would perhaps be able to live another life or gain what they desire in there dreams if they where aware enough to understand they are dreaming.

Dream control is the ability to do things in a dream, many of which are not possible in real life, and thus manipulate the dream away from its natural course. Often it is hard to remain in a dream while doing things that are impossible in reality; for example, someone trying to fly might suddenly fear falling and wake up. However, doing some impossible things could actually help with remaining in lucidity by reminding the dreamer that he/she is doing things that cannot be done in the waking world - thus accentuating that he/she must be dreaming.


Now to Dreamscape you must lay within your bed close your eyes and feel the room around you as you lay in darkness.As you lay take note of all that is around you. Meditation is the best way to get to sleep, and clear your mind so you will be able to Dreamscape. As you lay take note of the sounds around you build the foundation of your dream outside of your door to your room or wherever you are.Imagine full control of everything. Project yourself into it as you slip away into your dreams.After slipping into your dreams remember that you must remain full aware as you drift off into your slumber. Once within your dream you will be within your room or ect. You will awaken within the dream-world and be full aware as what is happening now creativity is your toy.But be ware that if ones mind is twisted your own mind can alter your dreams as well.So, as you dream create your world almost as if you are awake and daydreaming in a sense, imagining your own world, when you open your eyes within your dream.

Now. You "double dreamscape" In order to dream and create a connection. Get whoever you wish to enter your dream to do the same process as before, but as you are in your dreamworld feel yourself becoming like air.Imagine yourself able to travel through the world you create. Call forth the name of the one you wish within your dream. Call their name and summon them to you. Have them in their dreamscape imagine as if they are traveling through long tunnel with a white light at the end. Once at the end they should soon be within your dream.

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