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Warning: Staffs are only for expierenced witches and wizards. Use with caution.


Ther are only three types of staffs, as opposed to wands. The white staff, the red staff, and the brown staff.

The white staff is the wand of light and goodness. It is strongly magical, but easily broken, as goodness can be easily overrun by chaos.

The red staff is the staff of evil and bloodshed. It is also strongly magical, but will contort the mind of the holder into madness, as evil can easily overrun our minds with thoughts of power.

The brown staff is the staff of neutrality and earth. It is not as strongly magical as the other staffs, but is easier to control and has few side effects. The Brown staff is the ideal staff for those new with using the staff.


Weilding the staff is complicated. It takes concentration. If one thought strays from the spell, you can be blown back with terrible force. (The brown staff lessens this, but even though the white staff is goodness, it will be just as terrible if you use it incorrectly) The easiest way to concentrate on your staff is training. Study and meditate in your altar at least one hour a day, then carefully practice. Your staff will be light if you are ready, but heavy if you are not. Spells for the staff are the same for wands, but with different motions.

Such as:

~Rise your staff high above. Say your spell softly, then bang it to the ground.

~Swing it. Hold it in the center, and turn it so it is horizontal. Say your spell as you swing it forward and bring it back up vertically.

~(Healing spell only) Rest the tip of your staff on the sick or woundeds head. Then mutter the heailing spell and bring the staff back up.

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