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This incense recipe is used fairly regularly by my family when we're looking for prophetic dreams, (note that if you struggle to remember your dreams naturally I would add a 1:1 ratio instead of a 1:2) - Brishen

You Will Need 1Bowl (or suitable apparatus to burn incense within) 1 part Rosemary 2 parts Rose (herb) about 20% by weight Makko Measure each ingredient in your recipe roughly measure the ingredients in their whole form first, then grind each and make your final measurement once the ingredients are ground I do this by eye because I don't have any scales however I would recommend their use. Grind each ingredient separately using a mortar and pestle (absolutely required for all gums and resins) and/or a hand-crank grinder or mill. All ingredients must be ground to a very fine powder. This allows the sticks, cones or moulds to burn more reliably and evenly. Sift the ground powders though a small metal sifter/strainer to make sure all larger grains have been removed. Combine the final ground and measured ingredients together as one mixture and grind it around a bit in the mortar and pestle to help "merge" the aromas You may stop here if you wish and simply heat this as your incense or continue to mould the incense into a stick or cone, which I would recommend as you will be trying to sleep whilst burning this and I find it less likely to set fire to other objects To continue add approximately 20% of the mixture's weight in makko powder to incense powder and mix thoroughly It's best to test the mixture now by burning it as an incense trail. - if it burns slow and steady as a trail then it will also burn just fine once its moistened, made into a dough, and formed into sticks, cones, or moulds. If the incense trail doesn't burn well or goes out - add more makko if the incense trail burns too fast with a mostly makko aroma, add more incense mixture fine-tune the aroma to your tastes by adjusting the amount of each ingredient Test recipe again by burning trails Keep adjusting and testing until you have that final recipe and it's time to move on. Store the final mixture in collared glass jar, in a cool, dark, dry space for 48 hours or more Set aside 10% of this combined dry incense/makko mixture in a separate bowl just in case you need it In a small bowl, very slowly drizzle in warm distilled water into the remaining 90% of your prepared dry incense/makko mix (you can use hydrosols, essential oils, wines, liqueurs, etc. as a replacement for, or in addition to, the water) Knead the warm water into the mixture until you create a dough about the consistency of soft sculptor's clay you should be able to make a fist and have the moist but not slimy wet dough squeeze through your fingers but be firm enough to maintain its new shape without revealing any dry cracks inside, if the dough is too dry slowly add more water but do so very carefully because too much water quickly makes the mix too soupy and unworkable, if you do add too much water, pour what liquid you can out of the bowl, then add some of your emergency backup dry mix Now it's best to age the dough in a bowl overnight. Cover it with a damp towel and wait 24 hours The next day, knead the dough again, and if needed, slowly add more warm liquid (a spray bottle works best here) Pinch off some dough and simply mould it in your hands making whatever shape you like, be aware that anything much thicker than a pencil at the base may not burn very well.

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