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If kept carefully preserved in a glass bottle, it will not lose its power

Holy Water is made from Sal Salis and is used in rites of consecration and purification If kept carefully preserved in a glass bottle, it will not lose its power.

1. Place a glass of spring water or filtered rainwater on your altar. Put some Sal Salis and Caput Mortuum (plant ashes left over from making Sal Salis) into a small dish on the altar

2. Perform the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram

3. Face north with the altar before you and extend your right hand over the salt. Visualize the light of holy energy flowing from your palm into the salt and say:

May this fire-purified salt of the earth become a heavenly salt possessing the wisdom of creation.
May it sustain my soul, spirit, and body and preserve them from corruption.
May it nourish the earth and fortify my heart. Amen.

4. Extend your hand over the ash, and as light flows from your palm, say:

May this ash return to the
eternal fount of living water.
May it be a fertile earth.
May it bring forth the Tree of Life. Amen.

5. Walk around the altar until you stand on its east side, facing west. Say:

In the salt of eternal wisdom,
in the water of preparation,
in the ash whence the new earth springeth,
be all things accomplished unto the age of the ages. Amen.

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