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Original Post:
by: Tourmaline_ on Jul 13, 2015

I had a vision a few nights ago, one that was very, very clear. One of my snakes has just passed due to an illness dubbed as 'Stargazer syndrome' and of course, I was beyond upset. During the dream, I had gone to my local reptile show, and I had seen a White snake with blue eyes. It was blind, and the person selling it said it was a female, and due to it's impairment, the snake was only $95. (Which, for this kind of animal, is very cheap.) It was good weight and length, an obvious healthy eater and overall glowing animal. The name 'hope' was constantly repeating, and the dream ended in which I had bought the animal, took her home, and she became very interested in my workings.

Since my youngest animal has just passed, I doubt I would buy an animal so quickly, however at that price and with such a glowing personality I might have. Does anyone else think that this may be a clairvoyant dream?