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Original Post:
by: FlamingDrago on Apr 29, 2015


Im FlamingDrago and im a proud new member of Spells of Magic.
I have been having A strange Dream since 3 months and its repeating itself over and over again every night. I tried to find the meaning and using the dreams mechanic on this site but it doesn't help. Can someone please help me find the meaning. here is what I submitted to the dreams mechanic on this site: Whenever I fall asleep I find myself in a dark mountainous place. then I start walking and after a bit I see a big mountain spewing out fire. I keep looking at it and I see a big Creature with scales and wings sitting in the fire. I remember It sticking out Its big black head with flaming red eyes and a red shine on his scales. I have had this dream every night since 3 months. Please help me find its meaning so I can react to It FlamingDrago.

Every thought on this subject is apriciated exept for racist, non serious ect. thoughts

Thanks in advance