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Original Post:
by: Parable on Apr 25, 2015

This is spoken word poem that was written to talk a little about the limitations that may come with divination. Something new for a change. In order for it to flow then you will have to read it out loud in fast-paced voice.
Divination comes with limitations,
As emotions surround our personal stations.
This clouds the summations,
That can certainly cause different temptations,
To definitely do some dictations.
A thought can surely affect the translations,
As it can surround us with several frustations.
Maybe it causes some false sensations,
As questions can cause too much relations.
This can create too many gyrations.
Maybe it shouldn't be treated as allegations,
To not worsen aspirations,
Even if you have several vocations.
Do not allow it to cause some desolations,
As it can have some complications.
Do not let it cause too much expectations.
As it doesn't have confirmations,
Divination comes with limitations.