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Original Post:
by: roguenvstar on Jan 15, 2015

The self
Card:3 of Cups (reversed) - Over-
indulgence can be expected.
Card:8 of Swords (reversed) - A
restrictive situation is leaving.
Card:Ace of Cups (reversed) -
Indicates running away from
What is closest
Card:8 of Pentacles - Training and
further education is denoted.
Card:The Lovers - Love and Romance
is in the air.
Card:3 of Wands (reversed) -
Opportunities may be lost due to
Hopes and fears
Card:7 of Cups (reversed) - Beware
of negative possibilities.
Card:The Hierophant (reversed) -
Anarcy is abound.
Card:3 of Pentacles (reversed) -
Potential success may be spiled by
lack of application.
What to expect
Card:Knight of Pentacles - An
ambitious young man.
Card:10 of Wands (reversed) - An
end to a period of hard work.
Card:The Chariot - Hard work is
about to be rewarded.
What not to expect
Card:The Star (reversed) - Hopes
have been dashed.
Card:The World - The end of a cycle.
Card:Page of Pentacles - A steady,
good natured child.
Near future
Card:Knight of Cups (reversed) - A
talented young man who lacks
Card:Strength - Strength from a
generous loving heart.
Card:King of Pentacles - A
responsible, cautious individual.
Far future
Card:The Moon (reversed) - Beware
the world of illusion.
Card:2 of Cups (reversed) -
Emotional battles.
Card:5 of Wands (reversed) -
Disputes are soon to be resolved.

thy self deck

english as so i can understand