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Original Post:
by: User288014 on May 03, 2014

Alright, here's my story and why I want some feedback:

So recently I have been getting into cartomancy. At first I was highly skeptical, thinking that it wouldn't work, but after the first reading I've done for myself(which was successful down to the very last detail) I've been hooked. Every reading I've done has been accurate or seems to be in the process of happening. Because of this I now bring at least two decks of playing cards wherever I go as well as the key that I use to help interpret the cards.

My question is what kind of things can cartomancy be used for. I know it can be used for fortune telling and answering questions, but else can it be used for? Also, what's the best way commit the card's meanings to memory? I want to continue, practice, and get better at cartomancy.