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Original Post:
by: Barbi on Dec 07, 2013

Trudged down to the local crystal dept. Store today with the fam in tow. To my surprise they were having an intuitive fair. I was offered a free aura reading. To my surprise it was a machine! A flat black rectangle with metal hand pad sensors and a computer screen. I was pleased to see that my heart area was covered by a large green orb about 5 times the size of my head. In proportion, give or take a head. My head was mostly purple with flecks of red and white and the rest was a storm of red, orange and yellow. She said i have healing and that i have mom syndrom. Alwayz doing for others. Maybe too much she said as i seemed tense. I asked if i could take off my coat as i was too warm and it was making me uncomfortable and could i try again. I was radiating my aura white with flecks of gold. The shop sure had alot of chakra items i noticed before we went in the reading room. The second reading was better although she wanted me to know that it was not like a mood ring based on heat lol. As i got up i heard her