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by: User199722 on Sep 16, 2012

Divination using a Pendulum.

Divination using a Pendulum is a very old practice. It has been used by various cultures for thousands of years. Other names for pendulum divination are radiesthesia, rhabdomancy, or water witching. You may have seen someone tie a needle to a string and whichever way it spins over a pregnant mother's belly, it will determine the sex of a child.

Pendulums are small, weighted objects suspended from a string or chain. They can be made from various metals, petrified wood, or from some type of crystal. Pendulums can also be a simple pendant.

When selecting a pendulum, you should find the one you most connect with, so that way you can work with your pendulum easier. You should also get a pendulum with a good weight and shape that you like. Some like rounded pendulums, while others favor the faceted style. You should also consider the material your pendulum is made from. Do you favor a particular crystal, such as onyx, quartz, or amethyst? Take all of these options into consideration when investing an a pendulum.

To use a Pendulum, first cleanse it of any energies it may have clinging to it . You can do this by submerging or rubbing it with some salt water, running it through the smoke of white sage, or dragon's blood incense. Now charge it with your own energy. There are many ways to hold your pendulum, I like to hold mine between my thumb and index finger, and let the chain rest over my other fingers. Rest your elbow on the table, or else you will tense up. Tensing will block the flow of energies, and it will also influence the motion of your pendulum. Try to keep your arm steady, but not tense. Ask the pendulum to "Show you Yes" for me it spins clockwise. Stop it, then ask "Show me no" for me it spins counter-clockwise. Ask the pendulum to "Show you unclear, or you don't know" Mine moves back and forth, or just a weird angle. Then begin to ask questions. Start out with questions you know the answer to. Then move up from there. As you work and become more familiar with your pendulum, the more active and accurate it may be.