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Original Post:
by: User660422 on Jan 07, 2023

Hi. There's this woman who thinks she can do whatever she wants in the spiritual world without consequences, but I don't want to a death ritual and ruin her life because she deserves one.
I'd like a spell to undo a love lashing, she lashed me and I've been in love with her for 7 years. This is serious. You should never do something like this to a person, she ignores me, blocks me and keeps me in love with her just out of pleasure and attention. She's a terrible person, she brags about every guy that liked her and has relations with every body that she sees. Right now I'm feeling hurt because I found out about some more things while I was investigating, I need a spell to break free from her. Or if anyone can cast a spell for me, I'd appreciate it. Gratitude!