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Original Post:
by: belladonna4 on Oct 11, 2021

Okay, so I have said before my goals aren't usually harmful, but I am seriously at my wits end.

I have a ex-Freind, I knew her for years, I trusted her, I helped her in her hardest times and she helped me in mine, I would of done anything for her, I thought we would be best friends forever.

And she ruined me! She seduced my boyfriend and made him break up with me, told peoplethat I cheated on him, and she is telling people horrible lies about me! (Like I'm a sex worker, or have an std or something and that I'm a w****)It's unbearable! I'm at rock bottom here, a lot of my friends have left me, and I feel so alone and betrayed, and I want, no NEED to make her pay for it or else I'm gonna lose it!

She once told me her greatest fear is being unable to sleep, so I want to give her insomnia, I mean bad, like medication can't fix it, she's awakeuntil she passes out insomnia.

so I need some spell suggestions (I'm pretty amateur at spells) or someone to cast it for me (which probably won't happen because I'm prettybroke.) the point is, I need help getting revenge in her by making her live her worstnightmare!(or lack of nightmares)