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Original Post:
by: Faerie_Witch on Sep 24, 2021

Hello everyone,

I'd like to share a personal Curse-Breaking Spell , that is of my own device and have used for a while. I do take it that this is the place to share it as I cannot post in the spell tab.

This Curse-Breaking spell was a creation of mine from a few years back. It's simple. Easy to get the reagents, and not over the top or difficult.

:Reagents / Tools Needed:

  • Heat Resistant Dish / Bowl
  • Dried Rose Petals and Stems (1 rose will do)
  • Cinnamon (Crushed or Oil)
  • Match or Lighter
  • 3 Pennies


1) In the bowl place your rose petals and stems into the heat resistant dish, drizzling the cinnamon oil / or sprinkling the crushed cinnamon over them. Speaking:

"Sacred herb. The force of fire."

2) Light the match or lighter, igniting the cinnamon and rose, speaking.

"Burn this hex, my true desire."

3) Waft the smoke through the area / over the person or object, chanting:

"The blackened soul, the pitch of night. Remove this curse from this site (if location / area) / from my sight (if object / person)".

4) Then finally, take the three pennies and sit them outside your front door / or property line, uttering:

"The curse be paid. Left at the door. None of this! The Hex, no more!"