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Original Post:
by: KatPau on Jul 23, 2021

I got married in year 2014, a month after our marriage my husband cheated on me 3 times. From then, I know my love for him is already fading. I tried to hold on and make our relationship work. We have 2 kids and I don't want them to grow with a broken family so I stayed. Things are getting worst when he doesn't want to do his obligation as a father so I work full time to feed my kids. Until one day,I met someone and to make the story short, I fell in love to that person. I found a escape. I decided to leave my husband and live with that person. We are perfect together and we are happy but my husband keeps on bugging us, he is begging for me to come back to him. I can see that he has changed, he finally got a job. He keeps on talking to my kids and asking my kids to convince me to go back to him so we could be family again. What is more perfect for kids but for their parents to be together again, right? Then 3 of them are asking me to give it another chance. So I did for my kids. Now that we are living together again, I can't find my happiness. I tried but I really don't love him anymore. Even with or without another party involved, I can't force myself to love him. I am now being unfair coz I am always pretending. I don't want to hurt him but I really can't force myself. I want him to give his love to someone else, to someone who can love him back. I tried to talk to him but he said that he just want me to stay. But he don't deserve all these treatments. He deserve someone else. I need help to make him fall inlove to someone else. If there's a spell to bind two people, that could help too.