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Original Post:
by: River_Rose on Jun 02, 2021

I know this topic is highly frowned upon by a lot of witches but I really need a curse spell. I live with my abusive parents and I learned to tolerate them because I've tried reporting them and I ran away from home before but they manipulated me and others into getting out of trouble and keeping me. My mom openly tells me that she uses me for money and is only letting me go to art school because she found out I can make great amounts of money in character design for companies like Disney but she chose my college and what degree I'm getting as well as my internship, future job, and a house in Florida she expects me to buy for her. My mom is disabled so she forces me to stay at home with her hence why she chose the college I'm going to and she verbally and psychologically abuses me. She threatens to physically harm me, she forces me to take anti-depressants, demands for me to smile 24/7 and be her version of happy even though she's constantly screaming at me, she has actually taken a knife to herself because I tried committing suicide and she wanted to scare me out of it, she has physically hit me before and I have a condition that effects my ears and the skull around them and she managed to flatten the sides of my skull which causes me to have migranes and she could've completely collapsed my skull, she body shames me daily and had threatened to staple my stomach shut ever since I was a toddler which I vividly remember and she did this in public too, and she has threatened to make me homeless if I were to run away again. My dad is no different but he has physically harmed me many times and half of those times were because my mom had told him to harm me. He smokes around me as much as possible and even chainsmokes because he knows I'm allergic to cigarettes but wants me to grow out of it and it has gotten to the point where I had multiple lung infections that put me out of sports, band, and choir because I couldn't do one year of those things without my lungs giving out on me and now I don't even have to do anything to experience lung issues. I've tried to curse my parents before multiple times because this has happened for years and nothing else has helped. I've talked to social workers who tell me I overreact or ask my parents themselves if they abuse me of which they would obviously lie about and no investigations would be done and my mom used to work for the law so she has manipulated her way out of legal charges before and I even ran away from home as soon as I became a legal adult but my mom threatened to have me thrown in jail so I returned home only to find out too late that it was just manipulation to get me back (I ran off with an adult friend who was moving to another state and offered me a job at her fortune telling business and was willing to legally adopt me so I could cut contact with my parents and by the time I got home it was too late for her to come get me when I realized what was going on.) I've tolerated their abuse for years and for some reason they cannot be cursed at all, some entity is protecting them which I suspect is the Christian god because they're Christian and my local church has tried to rape me multiple times starting when I was 3 years old so me and that god aren't on good terms and the church they go to demands abusive relationships and sexual assault, it's the reason I left that church besides being pagan and not feeling quite right in a church that openly wants to kill other religions. I've casted spells on other people before, I've helped friends who were going through depression by lighting a candle to send them positive energy, I did a spell to make sure my friend's abusive boyfriend landed in jail, I've made aromatherapy potions to help my friends pass tests in school by making them study with the potion then take the test with the potion in an aromatherapy necklace, and all of those have worked but when I've tried with my parents not a single thing ever happens and I've tried every curse I know of! But I cannot tolerate their abuse any longer because I just saw my dad hit my new puppy who was a stray that was obviously abused before because when we got her she was covered in wounds and my dog tried to run away after my dad hit her. It's the breaking point for me and I need something that's going to actually work this time because I couldn't stand to see my pet hurt by someone who has hurt me my whole life. (He hit her for knocking over an empty box and tearing apart a toy that was already falling apart because it belonged to another dog we had in the past.) It hurt me to see such a sweet puppy shaking and yelping and trying to run off because of my abusive father. I am begging everyone to help me with this because this has gone on far too long and has gotten to the point where I cannot handle it.