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Original Post:
by: xoxostarr on Mar 09, 2021

Merry Meet.

So I have a question for you all about love spells. Let?s say you don?t really have the resources to do like a ?amazing? love spell.

I have white candles because that?s usually what we use around my household to do prayers. I wanted to do a love spell using the white candle although some might say it?s not really a good color for using it for love work.

My spell: carving the persons name into the candle and using my leftover rose petals, I crush them to sort of make it into a powder mixing it in with essential rose oil. I then write the persons name with a red marker or pen on a piece of brown paper bag (like the ones used to carry lunch in) and seal it with the wax, placing it right underneath the candle. Then I say a chant or prayer~

Any suggestions or maybe edits needed? Ah and also forgot to include I am seeing this person in 2 days sooo, I might get a hair or 2 from them. Don?t know what I could use that for but seems pretty great for spell work just in case.