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Original Post:
by: Enigmer on Oct 28, 2019

Im wanting to do a desire hot lust spell, preferably starting it today, with the start of the Scorpio Newmoon i thought it would be a perfect time.

Ive never done my own spell before, (well ive not actually done many spells at all), i just feel like i want to do my own and not follow someone elses.

Okay so me and bf are okay in the bedroom dept, but a bit of tweaking needs doing. I need to get myself more in the mood sexually without alcohol and he needs to focus on foreplay more instead of wanting to dive straight in, which isn't helping me getting in the mood.

So i need some suggestions, just throw some ideas out there for me.

So far, getting the base for the spell, im using...
Scorpio newmoon
Colour Red
Hot sauce ?
cat nip ?
honey jar or sugar jar
red candles
Rose quartz

Any other thoughts would be most appreciated.