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Original Post:
by: Anuta on Jun 25, 2019

I'm new to this site and I'm feeling a bit desperate.
My husband keeps very close relationships with his 2 ex wives (mothers of his children). I am all for cordial relationships between parents, but in our case, they are "friends". They ignore me, have said disrespectful things about me, which also caused attitude problems in kids and husband towards me. At the same time, they are very very sweet with my husband, manipulating him into doing what they want. And in general, I find it hurtful that he has female "friends" that send each other sweet messages that have nothing to do with kids while I'm excluded. It's causing a lot of jealousy and anxiety issues between us. We have children together, so I don't want to break up. How do I cause some distance between my husband and the exes (or at least one of them)?

Would it be friendship breakup?

Thank you so much!