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Original Post:
by: Zae0311 on Dec 29, 2018

Hi, !!! I am so excited to finally live my truth of knowing the energy of the divine universe is within everything and to really start working within myself with it. That being said. I would really love a simple spell to break the bad energy curse and blocks that my husband and me have had since we met. To receive the best advice I?d like to give more insight. Since I was born everything and anything I wanted to achieve I would visualize abd not only would I receive them I would exceed my dreams and aspirations. Yes I have failed by my own fault but never have I experienced a drag through the mud punch after punch still in the trenches no reprieve of problem solving spaces would another life hit catipult me even lower, since my husband and I have met 2 years ago. You name it we have taken it. Family tearing us apart, financial disintegration, friendship betrayal, homelessness, a custody fight for his daughter who I love created, every part of our lives have been affected. Yet we are by gods grace still together. And even though fights that could emotionally kill someone have taken place we are still fighting till the death to be together and grow together. An acquaintance recently said out of the conversation?s context that we have and extraordinary love.
So I would love a simple easy and home ingredient resource spell to break this curse/hex/bad luck/negative energy force and gain abundance in all areas with love.
Thank you for your time as it is invaluable to me for my family.