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Original Post:
by: CertHelios on Dec 17, 2018

Have you ever felt like sometimes you can't charm protection spells in each and every part of your home.Well there is a way that i used in my grandma's home to protect it from any evil dark art no matter how much strong , and it's working . you see after the death of my grandpa we felt like it was so unnatural and felt as if someone had been using him to save their own life by transfering their own badluck and ill to him . After some introspection i came up with the theory that the people who had shfted a year ago had a person in their family who was on the verge of dieing pathetically , and also they still show keen interest in our property and other people often used to say how they had a past with magic(dark). So last year i came across an ancient method of protection used by our Hindu brahmins , this method सार पुनरुद्धार संरक्षण तंत्र which simply translates to essence revival protection spell . In this method we focus on reigniting the essence and aura of the room by recieting the mantra for the particular deity ( can be a deity from hindu religion or greek or any multigod religion or even spirit of the element , while recieting the mantra keep in mind that you have to focus on your own chakrarelated to that room and feel its energy and its particular coloured light enlightning the whole room and reigniting the essence and deity of the room . The matra should be recieted atleast 108 times .You should be seated in cross legged pose and if u want someone to accompany you then it would make the essence more stronger and if their are 2-3 people keep in mind to face the direction related to the deity. once done with recieting , burn 3-4 bay leaves along with cloves and dried red chillies(3 min.) and then say these words o ____ god/goddess bless this room and remove any dark spells or bad vibes from here , as these flames shine so shall they ignite the essence of this room. So mote it be .
For every room once done shall give protection till the chakras in your bodies are not disturbed or polluted or fogged .