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Original Post:
by: Dragonquartz on Nov 03, 2018

Ok I?m new here as of making this, Ive known about this website and consulted it when I had insomnia tonight. Now, sadly, I haven?t slept a WINK. Which sucks becouse I was also trying a dream spell. I tried a spell just called Sleep, and it went ?Gods of Power, Gods of night, take my pain, take my fright, I just want to sleep to tonight, let it be, let it be,? (sorry if I?m not allowed to post spells in forums I?m new please let me know and I?ll take it down) It ALMOST worked, I felt much more relaxed, but something fought it. I?m not saying demons attacked my sleep schedule, but I?d like to know what to do. Please, and thank you.