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Original Post:
by: t.whitewitch on Apr 16, 2018

Hello everyone, I am new to this site and very new to magic. I hope that you all could give me some advice on a particularly dark situation I am going through. I believe myself as well as my family suffers from a curse. The curse has been progressively worse towards me personally as of recently, the thing that most concerns me is that I worry my fiance will be caught in the crossfire. I know that this is a particularly strong curse due to the fact that nearly all of my family died before I was born from odd or mysterious circumstances. It was not until this year that I came to the realization that my family was cursed, I always suspected but did not want to believe that it was in fact true. I have tried to battle the curse with positive energy but this has yielded no results what so ever. If you can aid or assist me at all I would truly appreciate it.
Thank you