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Original Post:
by: dislocker on Apr 10, 2018

I am 20 Now,My life has been so Tough since i lost my father back in 2010 due to minor operation of sinus which doctor did wrong due to which he died (i was 12 )My brother went to depression He was hospitalized his treatment took almost 3 years, and one day i had so much pain in stomch i was bloating I was admiited at midnight they had a tube through my nose to stomach (2011). In 2011 nov(i was 14)
i was dating a girl we were going really well together when he left me for another boy(2013 april) i was devastated by that time i was attached to her.i tried everything i could but she didnt came back ,In June 2013 me and my brother were just playing on bed he hitted so hard on my leg 4-5 times That i wasnt able to walk for 6 days ( i was 16 now) Went to neurologist diagnosed with femoral nerve damage and meniscus tear in knee i was having atrophy of the whole right side of my body ,my leg was in so much pain i couldnt walk without pain at that i ws also having lower bck pain but doctor didnt cared ,,,,,And I still wanted her to come back i tried everything i could but she didn't came back. In 2016 january my mother diagnosed with cyst due to which her uterus and ovary were removed(in jan) and due to which she developed stone in gallbladder and was also suffering from jaundice and had another operation to remove gallbladder stone in nov 2016 ... and in 2016 sep i suffered from Dengue my platelets were down to 47000 just saved i dont know how and we all were in fever my brother also my mom in jaundice myself in dengue ,Now coming to 2017 contacted a spell caster right at tht strt of 2017 he took so much money from me and just did some weak spell she called me 2 times and then demanded more money He was just using me for the money and did nothing then this happened to me already i ha pain in my leg lower back pain knee atrophy I started 200 pushup at onetime my back got worse. MRI done diagnosed with 2 bulging disc at l4-l5 and l5-s1 which i was having from last 4 yrs.. Doctor put me on restrictions no heavylifting no bending no running dont sit for more than 15 minutes... was like were my life is heading i dont know what was happening with me i was just lost The medicine caused Some problem to my liver due to which i had start another medicines for liver after healing my liver i stopped all the medicine and was on my own .i was frustrated with my life i wanted to heal myself i wanted her back and at the same i feel like she may be the reason i am draining of energy coz all i think is her all the time sometime i feel like i dont want her and sometime i am dying to see her dont know whats happening to me and It looks like We had been cursed And there is my father bigger brother whose son -wife just came our house in 2017 Nov and warned us that we will kill you with the use of Magic for no reason and we were like wht and yes I failed to mention when my father had operation he was living with them due to his Job was in there looks like they are the reason for all this happening to us they are the one who did all this damage to us and still looking for know many of you will be thinking why i shared this ,many of you maybe bored reading sorry for that I really wanted to share that it was a burden on me,i want to get out of all this shit happening to me I cant take this anymore...Currently I am lost frustrated with my life depressed unhappy Dont know what to do ,want to release all the negativity around me and family and start a fresh life again,want to see my mother happy again she had suffered a lot ...Thanks For Reading