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Original Post:
by: Darkswede on Sep 26, 2017

So basically I fell madly in love with this guy, we'll call him Bryan. Bryan and I knew each other for a little over a year now and we almost immediately clicked. after about 5 months of knowing each other we both acknowledged we had feeling for each other beyond a friendship so we began dating. Things were a little rough at first, but as time went on our feelings grew. He felt like the one to me. He told me sweet things, he talked about how maybe we would marry one day. He promised me he wanted to be with me for a long time. As we were laying in bed one night, he told me he loved me. Everything if perfect right? Well then all the sudden he ditches me for no reason. I try and ask him why, but he says he we're just not right for each other. I am left devastated. I try calling him, texting him, he blocks my number. I don't know what went wrong. So to get on with what I'm asking for, I would like a strong, real, love spell. I am determined to still be with him and not having him in my life is effecting my mental health. I know people morally disagree with love spells that mess with another's free will, but I'm desperate at this point, I'll take the consequences. I just can't picture my life without him and as time goes on I'm loosing him more and more. Can anyone help me, even if the lovespell you think is dangerous or immoral