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Original Post:
by: brooks1305 on Feb 05, 2017

Hello everyone my name is brooks1305 and I am a ypung man with autism and I am miserable because I have something called OCD and OCD stands for obsesive compulsive disoarder and I hate having it its been ruining my life since earth day 2009 and I have been worrying about graduating at my school and this year I am graduating from school And it bothers me. And also on july 20th 2014 I started worrying about people dying. And plus this year my uncle john died September 15th 2016 and my Cat died on 2016 new years eve. So I have been looking for a wish spell that could reverse my life to july 23rd 2011 with all of my memories erased of the future years and another part of my wish is to get a magic lamp on 23rd 2014 but not just any lamp a lamp thay grants infinte real wishes when rubbing it so I can grant my cat and my uncle immortality so I don't have to worry any more so if there is a spell that could make my wish come true ask me okay thank you.