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Original Post:
by: Bigdogzz on Jan 31, 2017

I am sorry if I posted in the incorrect thread. If I did I apologize in advance. I need some help. Someone has begun work on my ex to have his energy weakened towards me and strengthened towards her. Her goal is to bring them closer together and create a distance between him and I the work has begun but it has not been completed or sealed at this point. Her goal is to create negative energy between him and I and strong between her and him. To draw them closer together and make their relationship strong. But to push him further from me. I know he loves me and thinks of me but I haven't seen or spoke to him for 5 months cause she forbids him to speak to me. They have recently spilt up but the work has still been done so there still is a chance they can reconcile. I am new to this I am sorry but I must ask because it has started but not completed or sealed what do I do? Do I have to do anything? You may PM me if needed.