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Original Post:
by: Gracco on Dec 30, 2016

Black Magick curse spell, very similar in its operation to a curse using a poppet. I find this curse to be very powerful though because of the energy and action and emotion that is put directly into it in its casting and because of the objective action that it entails.

Meat Curse

Materials needed:

raw meat
a way to cook the meat in a way safe to eat
Any seasonings or sauces for the meat

Step 1: Visualization:

the raw meat as the person you want to curse. really get a clear connection going in your mind.

Step 2: cook the meat.

when you cook the meat imagine your target gushing and becoming heated with the power of the curse.

Step 3: season the meat and give it flavor with sauces.

use whatever seasonings you want or those that are meaningful to you. Imagine the product of the curse as you season the meat. when you season the meat you are giving the results of the curse more power by putting them on the cooked meat which you envisioned to be the target of your curse.

the sauce can represent blood or the loss of things which the target had pouring from them.

Step 4: Eat the Meat

Consume the meat as you wish the target of the curse to be consumed. Vigorously, with all of your emotion, devour the meat. devour their flesh. devour their life. devour them to transmute them with your power into that which you wish this curse to make them become.

Use this curse as your own risk. The inherent power in such a direct and personal process of transformative action that this curse entails has a high risk of other possible effects. I have used this curse before and it always works for me.