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Original Post:
by: KittyKat1999 on Dec 01, 2016

Good Afternoon,

I am desperately trying to find ways to exercise, to not only further get rid of a bit more belly fat, but to just stay fit in general. My dad recently started going to a gym, but denied my request to join him as it is his 'escape' from the house. It's getting cold now, so I am reluctant to go out to walk, other than to college.

If there are spells that can help my body or to change ones mind or whatnot, I invite you to give me advice. It can be through mail or this, which ever you prefer. I just want some advice on how to get to do what I want - exercise and get fit and healthy, tone my body up and build stamina and stuff.

Spells are not just what I want, but I know people know remedies for flushing out fat that I can make until the weather improves and I can get out more again. Please, give me your suggestions.