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Original Post:
by: KittenFloofs on Nov 13, 2016

Hi my names Jennifer and I need a strong protection spell.
Preferably a powerful one, a demon has been visiting my dreams and taunting my with images of dying... I went to a psychic and it was disgusted by the light I had inside of me so it wanted to put it out. I just want it to go away but it has been draining me spiritually and has been affecting my everyday life. I nearly went to jail this year by being framed for a crime my (crazy)friend did, my mom even said that something wasn't right it was like as though something evil planned all of this out for me. I can't get any jobs and I'm just oozing with bad luck and misfortune somebody please help me I'm desperate. I'm so young and my life already feels like it's over I just want to be safe again.