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Original Post:
by: Aihie on Feb 27, 2016

If someone has an evil soul, depending on how evil their soul is they will be punished accordingly. Either through pain for somewhat evil, or death for extremely evil.

Hold a buttercup flower (they are quite easy to find), and with it cupped in your hands say 3x:
I wish pain upon thee,
thou does indeed house an evil soul.
Exceeded limit,
poison poison poison.
Grant my wish true,
of death from thy beauty.
Ingest harmless memories,
tainted with sin.
Bleed out from in,
sin by sin.
Memories made evil,
like your soul it holds no more truth.
Ingest thy own sin.
Die if I know true.
After that, the flower has the power to harm or kill anyone with an evil soul. All you would have to do is get the person to ingest it, and let the spell decide their fate.