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Original Post:
by: Bella.Lu on Dec 18, 2015

hi! so my sister is anarexic AND belumic! and its really bad! you can see almost all of her bones, and if you touch her stomach, you can feel her organs! its so bad and im scared, because my sister is not only my best friend, but she practically raised me and i cant loose her! and i hate seeing her this way! and he has bi-polar depression and stuff like that, but she cant take most medicines that would help, because shes so thin, and her bodys so weak and frail, that it can literlly start to erode her body with all the chemicals! and we cant just make her eat more because if she eats to much she throw up.. AGAIN! and she says she wants to stop, but she dosnt know how! im desprate! does anyone have any spells or something that can help!!??