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Original Post:
by: AdricNeo on Mar 23, 2015

i am in need of help. i believe i have been cursed or hexed. over the past few weeks i have been under the weather to say the least, i have been practicing magic for well over 10 years, and yes i have tried lifting the curse but to no avail has it worked. i havent casted any black magic in years i try to stick with light and earth magics only. this started when my boy friend broke up with me, i wasnt effected by the break up emotionally but after i had a odd heat come over me and ever since then i have been slowly been getting sick and as of today i found out why. everything i eat turns bad as soon as i pick it up, for instance i went to eat a apple and i found mold in the core of it and right before that i went to get a glass of milk and before i could put it to my lips it spoiled. i had my sister in law check the milk and she said it was fine , she even drank a glass her self and in disbelief she smelled my glass and she agreed with me that it was bad. this has even happened when i get a glass of water. i have even brewed a white magic holy water potion and drank it, i felt okay for about a hour but the heat i felt before came back over me and everything went back to the way it was, PLEASE I NEED HELP. a spell, potion anything please. my magic is rather strong and its boggling me why i cant lift this. i have been cursed in the past by a witch that practiced voodoo and it was easy for me to life that. and yes i have casted a spell to only allow my magic in my home. am i using the wrong magic? i need a high witch or sorcerer to help clue me in on what to do