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Original Post:
by: ladyatplay on Nov 25, 2014

I got here from reading about the magic of Moses. He could conjure angels for different purposes.

My purpose is to conjure the Angel Raguel, the Angel of Justice.

I would never resort to magic or spells but I am desperate and I feel powerful evil is working against me.

I cared for my mother in home hospice. She died last Christmas Eve. While I cared for her, my sister and brother stole everything of value from the house. They asked for a few days of "alone time" with her and they gave her drugs until she was in a coma. During that time, they forged checks from her bank account. They ridiculed her while she was dying.

I have them in court but honestly, it's like nobody cares that she was abused. This is eating me alive. Help me.I feel powerless against evil.