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Original Post:
by: TheRedWoman on May 01, 2014

Before I start, I just want to say that though I have only studied occult practices for a year or two I do believe I am fully ready to cast spells. My intuition keeps telling me that I need to cast a spell for these particular problems for them to be fully ridded, but the problem is I don't know what I want to achieve with my spell so hopefully someone can give me a bit of direction here. I'll start off with a backstory...

I have three friends at school right now that want nothing to do with me. We've all known each other since the start of high school yet I'm always the one putting in the effort into our friendship, and it's obvious that they don't care about me.

Today, a girl that we talk to in class but never really hang out with said I'm ugly and have a big nose, and all they did was laugh at me.

Not any of them tried standing up for me. This girl even shouts out to everyone that I have a big nose and it makes me feel so sad that I want to cry every time. Right now I've been crying because of what that girl said about my appearance and the fact that after 2 years of putting so much effort into my friendship none of my friends even wanted to back me up or care about me in the least.

So what do you think I should do? I've tried everything I can in my physical power to untangle myself from this friendship that has caused me heartache for 2 years, but nothing works. I've tried leaving them twice but nobody else is willing to be my friend, and I've tried talking to them about it which all came to no avail.

I understand that this main problem has kind of manifested into two problems (the appearance one being the second), but I'm willing to do two spells just to get both of the problems to stop. (I know they say you shouldn't do more than one spell a week if you're a beginner but this is seriously affecting my life right now).

So in these two cases what would you say would be the best spell to do? I don't know if I would be able to banish three people from my life at once, especially since I would be completely alone if I did. As for the appearance problem I don't know what type of spell I should do either. So if anyone could be able to advise me of what spell would be most effective in these cases would be muchly appreciated. Thank you!