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Original Post:
by: Jaid on Dec 20, 2013

hey there everyone. see heres the thing yes im a beginner at practicing spells tho iv always bin wiccan inside. i want to help my mother tho i cant tell her. she lives in FL and im in CO so i need a very strong spell that i can cast from here to heal her. it seams that every time some new ailment comes and she gets it. she has diabetic neuropathy and just about every single part of her body herts her every day even with pain killers. if any one knows any spell to heal her from my place without her knowing as in having to ask her for something that's hers i would be very grateful. even if just heals part of its better then nothing. pls i cant afford to help her with money or normal meds that aren't working anyways. i be-leave this is that last thing that can be done to help my mother.
Thanks. blessed be