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Original Post:
by: grg on Nov 11, 2011

Hi grg here and I may made a new protection spell or ritual(what ever you call it).I know I posted this a little after I posted my Goddess Protection Spell,but I made them in a two hour difference,36-37 days ago.This spell is called Pentagram Protection:
-Tape,a rug with a pentagram on it,or anything you can make or that has a pentagram on it.
-A blue,gray,red,brown,and purple candle(One of each color;you will need all of them).
1.Make your pentagram or have one were you can sit in the middle.
2.Place the purple(spirit)candle to the north side of your pentagram,the blue(water)to the west,gray(air)to the east,red(fire)to the southeast,and brown(earth)to the southwest.
4.Light all the candles starting at the gray one.
5.Chant the following:
"Great four elements,
Make spirit now,
Follow me,
See me,
Protect thee,
So mote it be!"
6.After chanting quickly blow the candles out clockwise,starting at the gray candle.
7.Let the smoke surround you and wait for the smoke to vanish.

I hope this works for.It has work for me.

Coming up on 12/17/11:A grave blessing.

Bless be-grg